Meet Amy Dritley

In the little big town of Omaha Nebraska, Amy D has found herself a niche in helping small business owners thrive. Raised in a family of hardworking parents, small business owners themselves, it didn't take her long to realize she too wanted to forge her own path, help people and leave a fantastic legacy.

It took a few years to figure out where she belonged, but once Designs By Red was up and running, Amy soon found that not only did her clients need printed marketing materials they needed the guidance on what to do with those materials. Her role shortly morphed from Graphic Designer to Professional Brainstormer. She took her skills and experience and helped business owners reach their clientele in unique and successful ways. As the years changed so did her methods. 

It wasn't until just a few years ago that Amy found a new calling coaching and inspiring others with her Business and Networking Tips. So often she found people struggling just like she did when she first started to get their feet wet and gain exposure. So she started hosting classes and speaking for groups, sharing her advise and expertise on what makes a good sales person a great networker. They don't call her the Networking Wiz for no reason!

Her passion truly does come through when ever she is working one on one or speaking in front of 300 people. She has a high commitment to personal and professional excellence, as well as empowering others.

"I truly hope some day you'll be able to say 'Because of Amy my life is better'

Happy Networking"

- Amy Dritley, CEO & Networking Wiz